Second Mortgage

A second mortgage is a type of short-term interest-only mortgage loan that is secured against the available equity in a home or commercial property as collateral and is subordinate to the first mortgage. Second mortgages are primarily offered by private lenders or alternate lenders since they carry more risk, and interest rates for second mortgages are usually fixed and higher than those for first mortgages. Since most second mortgage payments are interest-only, the overall monthly payment can be lower than the monthly payments on other expensive loans and past due bills.

Second Mortgage Process

When it comes to qualifying for a second mortgage or any private mortgage loan, the process tends to be much simpler and quicker than qualifying for a mortgage with a bank or other traditional lending institutions. Private mortgage lenders primarily lend on the available equity, location, quality, and marketability of the house or commercial property, which means less importance is placed on a borrower's credit score, credit history, and income. Therefore, there is usually much less documentation required. Lenders are able to set their own lending criteria since the private mortgage world is much less regulated.

Second mortgages in Ontario can become a more complex topic in some unique home purchase cases. In some situations, the buyer may not have enough money to close on the mortgage and may require a second mortgage to help with the purchase. However, not all first mortgage lenders allow for a second mortgage behind them, and most major banks do not allow secondary financing when a home is purchased, and a mortgage is obtained through them. Proper mortgage planning is necessary to ensure that there are enough funds to close on the home.

Requirements for Second Mortgage

There are some documents that are often required to apply for a second mortgage with a private lender, such as two pieces of identification, a recent appraisal of the property, a recent mortgage statement or mortgage statements for the home or property showing the balance remaining, interest rate, and term remaining on any existing mortgages and home equity line of credits that are secured by the subject property, a recent property tax bill, and a recent credit report.

Why Should You Get a Second Mortgage?

One reason to consider a second mortgage is for debt consolidation. When a second mortgage is taken out to consolidate debt with high interest rates, the monthly payments on the second mortgage can be significantly lower than the total monthly debt payments on credit card loans and other expensive loans and past due bills. However, it is essential to conduct a cost vs. savings analysis before committing to any type of debt consolidation loan solution. Carrying continuous debt on credit cards can significantly hurt a person's financial situation.

In conclusion, a second mortgage is a short-term interest-only mortgage loan that is secured against the available equity in a home or commercial property and is subordinate to the first mortgage

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